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Infinite hotel, variant 2


A somewhat easy
monkey riddle
Author: Unknown

The well-renowned hotel of Bilzebab is famous for having an infinite number of rooms, and, being such a famous and well-renowned hotel, the hotel is fully booked.

An infinite number of tourists arrive at the hotel and ask if there are any rooms available for them.

Bilzebab is also famous for having a smart and quick-thinking manager. The manager thinks for a minute, and then says:

"Yes, of course, I'll just reorganize the current arrangements, and you will all get a room".

In which rooms will the newcomers stay?

Please note: After the manager has reorganized the room arrangements, no one will share a room, no one will be thrown out, and the hotel will still be fully occupied.

Each person, including the one already with rooms, will have to be given a specific, calculable, new room number. Saying "go to room infinity plus 1" is not valid.

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